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Hint: The answer is likely within arm’s reach!

When Jess and I started DIG Labs in early 2019, we started with a simple mission – to provide personalized nutrition to our pets. Jess was on her 32nd foster dog, and I was on year 10 of unexplained digestive issues with my 70-lb lovable mutt, Sammy. To achieve this mission, we partnered with dog parents, veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists, and scientists to create DIG’s Pup Sup, a customized nutritional supplement uniquely formulated for each dog’s health goals. Since last September, we’ve been able to touch the lives of hundreds of dogs – from our DIG dogs to adoptable rescues. From late night texts with our DIG members, to sending out refill orders on Christmas Eve, we love all our DIG dogs as if they are our own, and are excited every day to be a part of your dog’s nutrition and care. Thank you.

As we met more and more of you and your paw-fect pack, we began refining and rethinking our original mission. One of our biggest observations was that it’s so hard to understand what is going on with our pets when they can’t speak to us. Even filling out a 2-minute quiz about our dogs’ health can feel daunting or confusing depending on the day. As 21st century pet parents, we want ways to know what’s behind that bad gas, stomach rash, or unexplained meal-snubbing situation - ways to “listen” to our pets, discern what is “normal,” and get real-time insights and advice. How incredible would it be if we could all perform a wellness check on our furry friends in just 10 seconds or less?

That’s when Jess and I realized that our mission to deliver personalized pet health extends beyond daily supplements – we can do more for our fur family members. As a biomedical engineer with over a decade of human healthcare experience, I assessed various high-tech solutions to better care for our pets – from advanced laboratory techniques like microbiome DNA sequencing to ingestible cameras. Ultimately, triple-digit prices, long wait times, and limited point-in-time data left us disappointed. Fortunately, we found inspiration and hope in your most frequently cited tool for quickly checking your pets’ health – their poop 💩As a matter of fact, stool can unlock powerful clues that reveal what’s going on inside their bodies. 

Guided by science and data, we are developing real-time, accessible tools to help you assess and track your dog’s health, beginning with digestion. Our team includes scientists, engineers, computer scientists, and computer vision experts who are creating scientific breakthroughs that we are working hard to bring to you – all under the guidance of veterinary experts. We are excited and encouraged by the healthcare advancements that we’ve achieved with our DIG Digital Health App, including the ability to provide microbiome insights previously only available through a laboratory test. (We invite you to sign up for early access!)

Here’s where we need your continued help and support. First, we now need to analyze as many poop photos as possible so we can continue developing new features. Bookmark this page to submit poop photos from your walks! And, please, tell all your fur friends to do the same!  Second, do you know someone who shares our vision? We’d love to meet them! Please email us today.

Most importantly, thank you for trusting and welcoming us into your pet’s life and care. We can’t wait to share more soon about what your continued feedback and ideas have enabled us to build. In the meantime, give your pups a big hug from all of us at DIG labs!


DIG labs Co-Founder and CEO

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