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Hi 👋 and welcome to the DIG Blog!

We would love for this to serve as a valuable resource during your pet parent journey and as a channel for building a community of dog advocates. We’ll feature educational content from healthcare thought leaders, DIG member spotlights, rescue success stories, paw-rent hacks and lifestyle information, plus much more!

So, what exactly is DIG Labs? DIG Labs a canine healthcare company that is the result of our first-hand experience as dog moms trying to navigate the messy reality of our dogs’ digestive and other health issues. Over the years we found a support system in each other and, ultimately, enough collective frustration and research hours that we decided there had to be a smarter, science-driven way to improve our dogs’ quality of life — beginning with nutrition. Human healthcare is constantly evolving and advancing, why can’t pet care do the same?

Inspired to improve our dogs’ well-being from the inside out, DIG Labs’s inaugural product is the Pup Sup — a personalized probiotic plus super nutrient supplement uniquely formulated for your dog’s health needs. By learning about your dog and his/her health priorities, such as joint & mobility or skin & coat, we customize a powder meal topper that complements any diet.

This is important for the many dogs, including ours, who eat food manufactured at high temperatures that cook-off living organisms, like probiotics, and other micronutrients, like taurine, which are essential for optimal health.

Our goal is to share the benefits of probiotics and super nutrients before seeing the signs of needing them.
-Tara, co-founder and Sam & Juney’s mom

We are so excited to share all of this with other amazing dog parents and their beloved pups, with much more to come! Leave us a comment or send us a message — we love to talk to and learn from other dog parents.

With love,
Tara & Jess

Kali and Sam — our DIG dogs and daily inspiration