About Us

Humans have it good. So should our canine companions.

Just like us, a pet's needs change daily, but since they can't tell us what they need, we are left guessing.

Our mission is to unleash the power of technology and science to deliver individualized insights and solutions that are convenient, accessible, and continuously advancing.

Our vision is to give pets are voice and create a two-way dialogue of insights + actions so they can live healthy, beautiful lives.

We're leading the future of individualized pet healthcare.

In 2019, Tara, a Cornell biomedical and materials engineer, was on year 10 of addressing unexplainable digestive issues with her 70-lb lovable mutt, Sammy, and Jess was fostering her 32nd foster dog. Armed with over 14 years of human healthcare experience and frustrated with the current guesswork of pet healthcare, we set out to apply human healthcare principles to our own dogs, and by extension, to the 900 million dogs worldwide.  

We developed Pup Sup for Sammy and Kali, and given the success we saw, we said goodbye to corporate America and decided to dedicate the next chapter to giving pets a voice in their own health and wellness. Foster after foster, and member after member, we love seeing out DIG dogs thrive.

Our goal is a world with more licks, laughter, and loving moments and fewer stressful, expensive emergencies.

— Tara & Jess, co-founders DIG labs

And giving back every step of the way!

From free supplements to cash donations, we partner with rescue groups in a variety of ways to give homeless animals the second chance they deserve.



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