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Our Story

Our Story

We're obsessed with making pets healthier
from the comforts of home.


Every dog is different.


Healthcare should extend beyond the vet visit.


The technology in our pockets can help us better see what our dogs feel and need, everyday.


Healthier dogs,
Happier pet parents.

At DIG Labs, we know it's possible
to give your dog a voice in their own healthcare -
to create an instant dialogue with our pets,
and keep the conversation going.

We're on our way to creating better solutions:
for less guesswork and more answers;
for happier, healthier dogs.


A scientist, a rescue maven and a tech expert get together...

Tara Zedayko, Jessica Chu, and Nicole Scalamandre co-founded DIG Labs out of a shared mission to build every pet parent’s dream - an affordable, accessible way to improve each pet’s unique health.

Armed with collective experience spanning 7 healthcare patents, 10+ peer-reviewed publications, and nearly 60 foster dogs (to-date!), the trio has assembled a world-class team of veterinary advisors, microbiome experts, computer vision engineers and software experts to create a first-of-its-kind platform, to help more dogs get better faster from the comfort of home.

Tara Zedayko
Co-Founder and CEO

Jessica Chu
Co-Founder and COO

Nicole Scalamandre
Co-Founder and CTO


We've helped 10,000+ dogs with tummy troubles... and counting!

Our team continues to grow (we’re hiring!) and we’re helping thousands of dogs get healthier, faster each month.

In many ways, we’re just getting started, but what drives us hasn’t changed: Making it easy to keep dogs healthy.

While our work is far from over, we invite you to join the journey - help bring the future of pet technology to life today.