Why Poop?

How it Works

The Bad News:
Dogs can’t speak.

The good news:
Every day, they leave clues about how healthy they are...

Why Poop

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Your dog's #1 health signal is their #2.

Even though they can't talk to us, our dogs' poop holds valuable visual clues to help us understand their health:

  • Live healthier, longer lives. Daily window into our dogs' health and immunity, including optimal diet and nutrition.
  • Avoid expensive emergencies. Clues and warning signals before there is an emergency situation!
  • Improve other health and behavior issues. Imbalances in the gut are the root of many persistent symptoms like allergies, skin & coat problems, or anxiety.

Machine Learning

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At DIG Labs, we use machine learning to unlock custom insights into your dog’s health, starting with one poop photo.
Right now, we're working on diet, microbiome insights and even early disease detection.

Our Science

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We believe that science can transform the way we care for our pets.

That’s why we developed patent-pending, science-based approaches to healthier pets, faster through image-based analysis.

In partnership with a team of veterinarians,
veterinary scientists, microbiologists, nutritionists, and pet experts, we are actively working on the best ways to assess our pets health.