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Tips for Bringing Home a Foster Dog

Introducing a foster dog to your home should be a structured approach with phases. Remember that your new foster dog is entering an entirely new world and doesn’t know what to expect. Being clear and calm with boundaries and affection will help your foster dog manage his or her own emotions during this time of transition.

My top three foster dog tips to remember:

  1. Humans in the household should be consistent in the rules and ‘language’ used with the foster dog to help beginning establishing a common way of communicating. Imagine getting directions or being treated differently from two bosses – it can be confusing and frustrating!
  2. Allow time and space for decompression. It can be so exciting for us to have a furry new friend in the household, but imagine you just came back from a long trip, sometimes you just want to rest by yourself instead of being amongst strangers.
  3. In addition to food, access to new spaces and affection are terrific options for rewarding your foster. Allowing your new foster dog on the couch or into the yard can be great rewards for training. Verbal affection and affirmation is also a great reward, especially for dogs who value human attention and affection.

Don’t get discouraged if the first few hours or days seem to not be ‘meeting your expectations.’ Each dog is different and it can take time for them to get their bearings. Time is key – often the slower you go the faster they acclimate so don’t feel rushed or get too excited the first day or even first few days. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Don’t forget, if you are fostering puppies, you are required to pay puppy tax in the form of cute photos and videos. If you can, consider fostering a mamma dog and her puppies!

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