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We know first-hand that the process of caring for our canine companions comes with lots of research hours. To help, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. Don't see your question below? Please contact us!

Health Check FAQ

  • How does the app work?
    • Our goal is for Health Check to be as convenient and helpful as possible:
    • Download DIG Lab’s Health Check in the App Store
    • Choose the type of photo to submit
      • We have now added skin & coat and dental in addition to stool!
    • Take a photo of your dog’s stool, skin, or teeth depending on the photo type you chose previously
      • Submit your dog's sample with one tap (Take your centered, focused photo in daylight, please!)
    • Wait 10 seconds for real-time analysis
      • Powered by proprietary AI that is constantly improving
    • Get your Health Report
      • Includes recommendations to see vet, tweak your pet’s diet or tips to keep rocking a healthy grade
  • Does a real expert look at my photos?
    • Yes! Every photo is reviewed by a one of a team of veterinary experts that include veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
  • How do I know I can trust AI to diagnose my dog?

    • The good news is that our AI has been trained ONLY using veterinary professionals. We do not hire or outsource or rapid scan models to any third party. We believe that by creating a rapid scan that is based on real veterinary expertise, we are creating among the world’s most advanced rapid analysis system for pet parents. We also review 100% of all submissions by an expert - in case the AI got it wrong, we guarantee an expert verified result within 1 business day.
    • Also, our AI does not diagnose or treat disease. We are not a replacement for proper veterinary care. It’s best to think of us as a “phone a friend” for questionable next steps - should I go to the vet? Wait it out?
  • What do my results mean?

    • Depending on our expert review, you will receive a red, yellow, or green headline.
      • Red- seek veterinary care
      • Yellow- keep monitoring
      • Green- looks great!
    • Our experts will write notes for you as well to give a more in depth analysis and advice on how to care for your pet.
  • Where do I send the poop?

    No need to collect an actual physical sample; a photo will do! We do not accept fecal samples or any other types of submissions from users besides photos of their dogs’ stools.

  • Will you look at my dog’s medical records? I have more info to share.

    Sorry, but a veterinarian will best be able to evaluate your pet’s records. We are focused on building new tools for you to deepen your understanding of your pet’s health. We encourage you to use our ‘Add Notes’ feature for each result to help further build an understanding of your dog’s health status and tracking. Ongoing contextual detail can be beneficial in identifying food intolerances and other triggers.

  • What kind of technology is in the app?

    DIG Labs Health Check is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI.) Nutrition is the #1 contributor to overall canine health, thus the look and consistency of a dog’s stool is one of the easiest windows to what’s happening internally. We've studied thousands of dogs’ stool samples to teach the algorithm to produce a health report based on factors such as color, mucus, and the presence of parasites. Weekly or bi-weekly use helps DIG Labs (and you!) understand your dog's normal baseline and offers recommendations to address gut health symptoms and promote well-being. Although we love technology, it is not a direct replacement for thorough and timely in-person veterinary care for your dog. Our goal is to arm your dog's caregivers, including you and your veterinarian, with the most information possible to make informed decisions. That's why we'll proactively suggest a vet visit and have made it simple to share the photo and analysis.

  • How can I download my data? If you'd like to keep a copy of your dog’s data outside of Health Check, we encourage you to take screenshots or recordings of your results.

  • How do I delete my account and my data? To delete your account please contact

  • Does DIG Labs sell its data? If so, to whom? DIG Labs takes data and privacy seriously and we do not sell our data to anyone.

  • What’s your privacy policy? You can read our Privacy Policy here.

  • How much does this cost? DIG Labs’ mission is to empower all pet caregivers to help their animals live healthier lives, and as part of that, we’re proud to offer Health Check at no cost to anyone with an iPhone®. Pup parents may purchase our supplements or other suggested products if recommended based on their dog’s results.

  • Will this work on my dog breed? Health Check works on all canine breeds.

  • Can I use this on my cat? Health Check was expressly created for canine stool analysis and is not designed for other animal or human use. You should not use Health Check for any other purpose, and we don’t endorse results that are non-canine.

  • Can you talk to my veterinarian directly? DIG Labs may suggest that you contact your vet for follow-up opinion and care. For easy knowledge sharing pre-appointment, take a screen grab of our findings, plus the stool photo, and share them with your dog’s care team. As dog parents, we value the special relationship a veterinarian plays in your animal’s life. DIG Labs Health Check was built to foster this relationship; while we’re proud to provide tools to help capture stool issues and inform your conversation with your veterinarian, we encourage you to speak to them directly.

  • Will DIG Labs diagnose my dog? No. DIG Labs does not diagnose or treat disease or health issues. We use image-based search to suggest the most likely causes behind the symptoms your dog is having, and we recommend improvements to diet and lifestyle based on these findings (where possible) to promote healthy living. We are a partner, a “gut-check” when situations are unknown, and a triage to help pet parents determine their next course of action, if any. Our supplements and broader lifestyle and wellness tips help upset stomachs get back to normal. DIG Labs Health Check is not a replacement for a trip to the vet; if your dog is continuously ill or you do not know what is wrong with your animal, you should seek in-person consultation and care from your veterinarian as soon as possible.

  • What is the best way to take a photo of my dog’s skin & coat?

    Focus on the area of concern and make sure there is good lighting so redness can be assessed.

  • Can you prescribe medications for my dog’s skin & coat issues?

    No, we can help you decide if you should see a veterinarian based on the appearance, itchiness, duration, and redness of your dog’s skin, but we cannot prescribe medications. We can give basic advice for at home to help with your pet’s discomfort until he or she can be seen by a veterinarian.

  • What is the best way to take a photo of my dog’s teeth?

    Lift your dog’s lips and take a photo from the side angle with as many teeth showing as possible. Make sure the photo isn’t blurry! It needs to be focused on the teeth and in a well lit area.

  • What can you tell me about my dog’s teeth based on a photo?

    We can actually tell a lot just by a photo! We can grade your dog’s level of dental tartar and gum inflammation so that we can provide best recommendations on veterinary care such as dental cleanings.

  • Since DIG Labs added dental and skin & coat analysis, are there any other new additions coming?

    We are always working on the next feature to help you take the best care possible of your pet. At the moment, we are working on adding tools to help you manage your pet’s weight, healthy eyes, and identify breeds that are genetically predisposed to breathing issues (brachycephalic breeds). Have an idea? message us to let us know how we can better help you.