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Jess of 101Fosters Shares Her Fostering Experience

What has been the most rewarding?

The most rewarding aspect of fostering is definitely watching the dogs move onto their amazing forever families, especially if I am able to stalk them on social media or get updates! Knowing that you were the bridge to help them become more comfortable and confident being part of a family and city life, especially fosters who have health or behavioral issues, is nourishing to my soul.

Isn’t it hard saying goodbye?

Some are harder to say goodbye to, but I always remember “Goodbye is the Goal” and think of it as a celebration of another life saved! Having to say goodbye is one of the main reasons I started a separate Instagram for our fosters (in addition to having something public that could be seen by potential adopters). It is really helpful when things feel tough to lookback as to all the dogs whose journeys, we’ve been a part of and know the only way to continue on is if they move onto their next chapter!

How did you get involved?

I first started getting involved with animal rescue and fostering while I was in graduate school. My first foster was Watson, a sweet Chihuahua mix who was saved from a LA kill-shelter, by Waggytails Rescue. He hitched a ride across the country to NYC, the land of subway-sized dogs, and although his adoption was definitely bittersweet, it was the perfect first foster experience and I was hooked. I quickly expanded from only fostering to include adoption application processing as well as flight chaperoning dogs from LA to NYC.

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Don’t forget, if you are fostering puppies, you are required to pay puppy tax in the form of cute photos and videos. If you can, consider fostering a mamma dog and her puppies!