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Obedience Training a Foster

Obedience training a foster is one of the best gifts you can give your new foster dog because training skills can be critical in helping to find his forever home. The key to successful obedience training is to focus on yourself as a dog trainer instead of focusing on the dog’s performance. Progress is not linear so there will be times where your new foster dog does great and other where more work is needed. Don’t give up and have faith in your ability to help them key foundational commands, including “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “place,” and more.

  1. Positive, Calm Energy – Dogs are extremely sensitive to humans’ energy so channeling positive, calm energy will set your training session up for success from the start.
  2. Patience – If you feel frustration coming on it’s time to take a break! End on a positive note by asking your foster for a command that they are capable of even if it’s just coming to you when you call their name.
  3. Consistency - Nothing will derail your obedience progress faster than if you are inconsistent with what you are asking your foster. Focus your training commands and requests on a limited scale so you can set yourself up for being consistent in your training asks.
  4. Rewards – Use food to your advantage will help expedite obedience training and if your dog needs extra motivation try doing small obedience training sessions before breakfast or dinner when your foster dog may be extra motivated.
  5. Boundaries – Setting boundaries for your new foster dog, like no jumping on people or waiting to eat, will be key in helping them to understand and follow their new found obedience training.

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