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DIG Labs Stool Grading Tutorial

Thank you for your interest in working with us!

Follow the 3 easy steps below to begin!

Please watch the short introductory video. It provides you with insight into how labelling photos influences our DIG Labs Health Check app as well as a view of the platform that you will be working with.

Note: the attributes requiring grading may differ slightly for each photo

Any questions? Email Catherine at or submit a form by clicking the button below.

Grading 'Consistency' (3 mins)

Grading 'Mucus' (4 mins)

Grading 'Blood' (2 mins)

Grading 'Color' (4 mins)

Grading 'Go to vet' (5 mins)

Grading 'Pathogen presence' (2 mins)

Grading 'Fresh versus Old Stool' (1 min)

Grade 'Exclude from models' (2 mins)

Try out grading a few stool photos (explanations will be given for every photo). This grading view is different to what you'll be using, and is just a way to get familiar with how we label photos.

Once completed, we'll contact you with access to the grading platform so you can get started!

Thank you!