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About Us

About DIG Labs

The Problem

Dog digestive issues are concerning and it's challenging and frustrating to know what to do next.

The Solution

A user-friendly instant Health Check App to better equip dog owners with quicker answers and next steps.

Where We’re Going

Continue to improve our Health Check app through user feedback, veterinary partnerships, and the latest in healthcare research.

Meet the Founders


Meet the Founders

In 2019, Tara and Jessica wanted to understand why their rescue dogs, Sammy and Kali, were experiencing unexplainable digestive issues. They approached many vets, had numerous emergency visits, and still had not rooted out the main cause. Tara and Jessica decided to put their decades of experience in health tech, business management, and their passion for dog rescue into action.

They wanted educational health insights without the time, cost, and stress of visiting a vet, but needed to feel secure in the answers they received. To do that, Tara and Jessica invested their time into researching key health indicators in dogs. They pursued stool testing, a common first-step practice to show if dogs are experiencing symptoms of illness or infection. These key indicators of health were distilled into insights that could help any dog owner identify and learn more about a potential sickness. To share their hard-won insights with other dog owners, they started DIG Labs.


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