NEW! Snap a photo and get instant insights on your pet's health anytime, anywhere.

Veterinary Scientist

What's the role:

We are hiring a Veterinary Scientist to elevate and scale DIG Labs' expert capabilities to help as many pets as possible through the power of visual insights.


Who we are:

DIG Labs is a health technology startup transforming images into value to supercharge support and experiences, for happier healthier pets. We unleash the power of visual data to better connect with consumers, providing real-time support when they need it most.


As seen in Business Insider, Thrive Global, & Nasdaq, DIG Labs is reimagining at home health technology, starting with dogs experiencing tummy troubles. The debut solution, a first-of-its-kind platform powered by real experts + machine learning, is now deployed across human and animal health-focused fortune 50 companies and startups alike to achieve partner objectives.

Founded in 2019 by a team of passionate world-class health tech, veterinary, and product engineering experts, DIG Labs will be the engine that powers at home, on-demand healthcare - starting with just one photo.

Who you are:  

  • You are ambitious — Even if you’re a bit shy of your ultimate, ambitious target, you can often push yourself further than you think.
  • You have taste — You are an expert in your domain and read and practice a lot so you know what great looks like. Even if you can’t articulate exactly why something isn’t working, you can work towards getting there.
  • You are context- and data-driven — Even if certain solutions worked before, you think about the context and the data you have and how that might prove/disprove your hypothesis. Our customers are always surprising us — so unearth the context (and the data) first.
  • You are reliable and nail the details when they matter — You get things done when you say you will. And if you can’t, you communicate what’s going on. You also nail the details when they matter — ensuring that our site doesn’t go down, for example — but also are open to experimentation when stakes are lower.
  • You don't miss the forest for the trees — You keep the big picture in mind as you make decisions. You don't say yes to everything, but know whether you're solving the right problem at the right time.


The impact you'll make:

  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning: scale veterinary expertise to elevate from helping one pet parent a time to hundreds.
    • Prepare image data for analysis, including data sorting, labeling, annotation, manual segmentation and classification. Willingness to learn new techniques for associating image data with other metadata, including laboratory tests, microbiome analyses, owner reported metadata, and more.

  • Content: help pet parents get the right information at the right time.
    • Create consumer-facing articles, graphics, app content and educational tools across DIG labs offerings: website, app, live chat, clients, and more.

  • Quality: uphold the highest standards of customer success
    • interact with customers to provide bespoke support and gather insights for future enhancements.

  • Research: create novel, ground-breaking methods for generating real-time personalized health plans.
    • partner with enterprises, industry leaders, and colleagues across computer vision, veterinary science, health technology and consumer research to advance DIG Labs science initiatives.

The skills you'll demonstrate:

  • Collaboration: across enterprise clients and marketing, software development, computer vision and machine learning teams to accelerate growth and learning.

  • Agility: Act with iterative purpose to achieve science and company goals.

  • Autonomy and Flexibility: Be comfortable with ambiguity, a flat organization, and the freedom to decide the most efficient way to work together and get the job done.

  • Adaptability: willingness and eagerness to flex into adjacent business and consumer territories as needed to understand voice-of-customer and business operations.


  • Work at a fully remote company, with monthly travel opportunities for in person collaboration.
  • Enjoy extreme autonomy and freedom to experiment in service of advancing the DIG Labs vision.
  • Receive competitive compensation: including salary, equity and flexible work arrangements.
  • Accelerate career progression in a fast-paced, startup environment.

DIG Labs is an Equal Opportunity employer.