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Veterinarian Portal

Thank you for your interest in DIG Labs! We're inspired by the amazing impact veterinarians have on our canine companions and our goal is to be a seamless partner and component of your patient's health and wellness.

In addition to our general FAQ, we have included specific veterinarian frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions or would simply like to speak in-person, please contact us.

If you are interested in partnering with us on research collaborations, please email us.

Health Check App

What is DIG Labs?

First, we’re not telehealth or telemedicine, and aim to serve as a trusted partner to veterinary services.

DIG Labs is your partner in at-home canine health, helping veterinarians deepen their relationships and ability to serve clients between office visits. We empower caregivers with efficient tools and insights to help pets live healthier lives - it’s finally possible to review symptoms and get on the same page about the urgency and degree of concern prior to an appointment.

The DIG Labs app performs a free 10-second Health Check in just one snap, using proprietary technology to analyze a photo of the dog’s stool. We screen for over five stool factors including parasites, Bristol Stool Score and mucus presence. Depending on the results, we will guide pet parents to share our findings with their vet or to continue close monitoring.

DIG Labs is also pioneering breakthrough research in partnership with leading academic institutions to mine stool photos for real-time insights, including microbiome, metabolome, nutrition, and more! From our own parasite in-vitro lab, to partnerships across countless rescue organizations across the country, we are well versed in both the science and the pet parenting journey. Veterinary partnership and feedback is critical to our progress; please contact us to learn more.

How does this enhance my relationship with pet parents?

DIG Labs Health Check is the only app in the marketplace to perform a 10-second wellness check on a dog using a single photo. Our service is a way to extend your relationship with your clients between visits:

  • Pre-Appointment
    • Gather the level of detail required to help patients even before they get to the office
    • Health Check quickly and reliably analyzes images and data that can be shared remotely
  • Common Language
    • Ensure everyone’s on the same page about symptoms that are often hard to describe
    • Boost efficiency for your time together by phone or in-office
  • Backyard Manner
    • Help clients ease worried minds and develop the ongoing habits of preventative wellness and interest in their canines’ health

Why is this trusted technology?

The DIG Labs team has spent thousands of hours collecting, training and improving the algorithms to amass what we know as the world's largest image repository of stool photos, and applying both expert knowledge and cutting-edge patent-pending computer vision techniques to "see the unseen" in the images. And this machine learning intelligence compounds over time - with every photo added, our algorithm becomes a little smarter.

It is our mission to educate and empower pet parents with both knowledge that experienced professionals sometimes take for granted, as well as a real-time understanding of their dogs' health. From educating on the presence of parasite and the role of mucus, to uncovering real-time microbiome insights with the snap of a photo, the DIG labs app will help give pets a voice when it comes to what might ail them: real-time analysis of the stool as an at-home window into internal health.

Our founders have nearly 30 years combined of business and technology experience in health science and personal care, including time spent in R&D and innovation, at Johnson & Johnson. You may have noticed that there are advances in human health technology that haven’t made it to the pet world, and that’s our mission to solve.

How accurate is your algorithm?

Our models are statistically accurate. As a living laboratory, our models continuously adjust and optimize with real-time data and information, which means that our accuracy is always increasing! While these numbers are confidential, we are excited to beta our product that we would use on our own dogs as an at-home health check, with our goal to minimize false negatives and false positives to provide the most accurate action and recommendation for pet parents, triaging them to seek the most appropriate medical diagnosis by a licensed professional. We do not diagnose or treat disease. We do help pet parents receive the best education and characterization to have the most productive conversation with you, their partner in healthcare.

How can we work together?

We consider the veterinary community critical peers and partners in the journey to improve healthcare technology for pets. It would be wonderful if you could encourage your patients with digestive issues to rely on Health Check as a way to monitor progress between visits and share progress with you. And we would love any feedback that you have regarding the app. Please contact us to chat with our team directly. If you are interested in being a DIG Veterinary Innovation Partner (VIP) please include this in the subject line.

If your clients are actively communicating with you through your own smartphone app or web portal, we offer the ability to enhance your offering by adding in our Health Check technology directly into your digital services. We’re happy to work with you to ensure your patients have the best healthcare management platform and tools at their disposal/in their preferred/existing way.

Do you aim to replace annual visits?

Absolutely not. We are building habits among pet parents to think more deeply about their dog’s health and what kind of maintenance that requires, and throughout the app we include messaging encouraging ‘healthy’ dogs to get their regular immunizations and annual check up.

Scientific Research

What research projects are you conducting?

At DIG Labs we love science as much as we love our dogs. Inspired by the amazing advancements in human healthcare, we are passionate about advancing the state of pet healthcare, beginning with our canine companions. We are currently working on several novel research projects and actively looking for collaborators as well as participants.

You can learn more about our current research areas on our Research Collaborations page.

We're also always looking to register participants in our surveys and non-invasive studies. To sign up your dog(s), please submit their information here.

Would you be open to contributing to our research?

Certainly! If you think we can be a meaningful partner in your scientific research, we would love to contribute as able. Please contact us so we can schedule time to learn more about the exciting things you are are working on.