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Meet Meeka, DIG dog and the ultimate daddy’s girl

Meeka was rescued by the amazing team at Liberty Humane Society, her mom, Samantha, and dad. Now, this daddy’s girl spends her days doing what she loves most — hanging with her family and hiking the trails of New Jersey.

J: Meeka has such a wonderful personality! Samantha, tell us how you knew she was the one for you and what do you love most about her?

S: My husband saw Meeka’s photo on Liberty Humane Society’s website and she was just so adorable so we sped over to see her. She was the only one not barking in the kennel, and she just looked at us like she was so scared and lonely! Meeka stole our hearts and we adopted her into our family before anyone else could meet her. For my favorite thing about her, where do I begin? I know a lot of people probably say this, but she just loves us so much! We call her our daughter.

J: Such a sweet story and dogs’ unconditional love is truly amazing! What makes her happiest and what is your favorite thing to do together?

S: What makes Meeka happiest is licking her father’s entire face in the morning! She’s such a daddy’s girl and he’s so good with her. He spends a lot of time teaching her tricks; he taught her stand in twenty minutes. Our perfect day together would be for a trail hike in the summer. We drive to Ramapo, NJ and I let her off leash — she absolutely loves it and becomes the dog she was always meant to be!

We have a lot of DIG dogs in the NYC metro area who will appreciate that recommendation — thank you! I think we can all agree that helping our dogs live their best life is one of our top priorities. What’s your philosophy when it comes to caring for Meeka’s health?

S: For us her digestive health is top of mind because she had a lot of sensitivity issues in the beginning. The [DIG] probiotics help her a lot. Meeka also loves to snack on carrots and apples, and I try to incorporate other fresh food for her. We go for regular vet visits and have health insurance for her too.

I would also say exercise is key; Meeka gets at least three walks a day. In the winter it’s harder because you need to suck it up even if it’s only twenty minutes at the park. In the summer, we can be out for hours!

You are such an amazing dog mom! Do you have any advice for new dog parents?

S: Definitely invest in training from the beginning, especially for a dog that’s adopted! I don’t know if we would have been able to handle Meeka’s behavior and energy without it. Simple things like pulling on a walk — it just makes it so much easier when you have a training tool. Plus, it’s a lifelong thing. You don’t just go to training and then that’s it. You really need to commit to always treating them like a kid — being consistent and rewarding good behavior. Meeka’s smart, [we] just need to make the time and effort :)

Thank you so much, Meeka and Sam! We loved hearing about your adventures and tips for other proactive pet parents. We can’t wait to introduce you to more of our amazing DIG dogs and their paw-rents. Learn more about DIG Labs today!