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Meet Buster, DIG Dog, and a Drama Expert!

Finding a strong community amidst the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple can be a challenge, especially when you want to bring your four-legged friend along! Enter Waggle NYC, the ultimate source for dog parents to discover pup-friendly locations, events, services, and more around New York City.

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Meet Meeka, DIG dog and the ultimate daddy’s girl

Meeka was rescued by the amazing team at Liberty Humane Society, her mom, Samantha, and dad. Now, this daddy’s girl spends her days doing what she loves most — hanging with her family and hiking the trails of New Jersey. J: Meeka has such a wonderful personality! Samantha, tell us how you knew she was the one for you and what do you love most about her? S: My husband saw Meeka’s photo on Liberty Humane Society’s website and she was just so adorable so we sped over to see her. She was the only one not barking in the kennel, and she just looked at us like she was so scared and lonely! Meeka stole our hearts and we adopted her into...

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Hi 👋 and welcome to the DIG Blog!

We would love for this to serve as a valuable resource during your pet parent journey and as a channel for building a community of dog advocates. We’ll feature educational content from healthcare thought leaders, DIG member spotlights, rescue success stories, paw-rent hacks and lifestyle information, plus much more! So, what exactly is DIG Labs? DIG Labs a canine healthcare company that is the result of our first-hand experience as dog moms trying to navigate the messy reality of our dogs’ digestive and other health issues. Over the years we found a support system in each other and, ultimately, enough collective frustration and research hours that we decided there had to be a smarter, science-driven way to improve our dogs’...

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